Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Are you Cooking with the right Candy?

Back when I was in college I ended up dating a really nice girl who loved to bake some of the most tasty things.  Surprisingly, this young lady was very slender and surly didn't shy away from her own creations.  One of the best things she ever made felt like it was custom made just for me. (It probably was)  I have to say that the recipe is really rather simple but the end results were amazing.  I think she got the idea from eating some of my mom's banana pudding recipe.  Which is really more like a banana cake and pudding mix.  Instead of doing bananas she ended up skipping the healthy side and going right for our favorite candy box candy.

So what you start with is a giant bowl.  The bowl is the main part and I like to think of it as a full size popcorn bowl.  If it can hold two bags or batches of popcorn then it is the right size bowl.  Then you end up heading to the store and getting a chocolate cake mix.  It actually takes two boxes of this and you will also need to pick up a tub of cool whip as well.  From here you need to get your favorite candy boxes or bags of candy.  I prefer chocolate and really recce cups for my favorite.  Don't forget to get two packages of chocolate pudding as well.  That is it, now you can get ready to bake a yummy dessert.

So first thing you do is to put the two cake mixes into a few pans and bake just as the boxes say.  From that point on you also need to get a big bowl and make the pudding.  There is no need to be picky and put them in two separate bowls.  This mix will all go together anyway.  So once the cake is done it is best to let it cool and cut it into small squares. 

 Well make them half the size of a normal piece of cake.  Then when you are done make a single layer of them stacked together in your gain popcorn bowl. Then add a layer of pudding and cool whip. Then take your reese cups and layer them. And continue this process till you reach the top, usually 3 layers.  Then on top use a full layer of cool whip and pudding topped with recce cups. ENJOY it is my favorite and I hope you find yours as well.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Getting Candy in the New Normal

This year has changed the way the world works.  Our world economy has changed and the way we all deal with the  pandemic has had some crazy changes in our lives.  This is a big deal for many people and provides some areas that make a difference in our normal daily lives.  For me the one thing that I will not give up and still enjoy going out and getting is my wonderful snacks. 

I will not let masks, fear, or a silly virus stop me from getting my glorious candy boxes from the store.  The regulations be darned, because sometimes chocolate is simply king and is a staple for a happy day in my life.  No I am not being selfish or not following protocols I am indeed following them to the letter. I just want to let you know it is ok to go out and get a snack.  It is still important mentally to live and be happy. And for me going and finding the candy boxes that are going to bring joy into my life is important. So what are some good steps to stay safe and enjoy shopping?


Well the first thing is to know the local laws and regulations that are being put into place.


Now that they are taken care of get the gear you need to follow the law.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Best Way to Shop for Candy

When it comes to staying healthy in the this year that is a very complicated ordeal.  I have to admit that health can come in a multitude of ways and it certainly is troubling to think about how to stay healthy.  The pandemic has changed so many things and has added a lot of regulations into people's lives.  I am not saying any of it is good or bad, but I think that it has caused many people to make their lives a little unhealthy and I want to help bring a little joy back into your life.

So the first thing to be careful of is not enjoying the normal things in life.  For me that is candy and having a nice treat at the end of the day.  I personally love getting a nice surprise at the end of a hard workday and now that I am more lonely and trapped then ever before I find it to be even more important.  I love going to the store normally and finding the perfect snack.  Browsing all the candy boxes and seeing what peaks my interest that day is such a joy to me.  Now everyone has their own preferences on what candy boxes look the best or taste the best but I want to just make sure you feel that you don't need to not get your treat!

Now in order to do this in 2020 you need to be careful for sure.  It is literally different in almost every county so I suggest following a checklist of things before just going out like normal and searching for that perfect treat.  First I think you should look up your state regulations pertaining to covid-19.  Each state has different restrictions and they are changing all the time.  The last thing you want is to be unsafe and or breaking the law.  I find that the state's websites in most locations is up to date and has all the general laws to follow right on the front page.  Once you read through the current regulations its important to then find out where your store location is that you plan on doing your shopping at.

Now go to the country website in which your grocery store is located. From there you can follow the same path as above for the state regulations.  Once you know the times of day you can shop, or if you are able to go out for non emergecy reasons.  Then you can find out what masks or none are needed.  There may also be specialty regulations and from there you can finally get in your vehicle at the right time and go shopping! As a general rule most places suggest or regulate standing 6 feet from others and it is also good to plan on extra time just in case the store has people restrictions.  Some stores are only allowed to have a percentage of normal capacity in them so you may be waiting a while.  Take that into account. Now the best part is here.  You have your regulations taken care of and now you can go in and look through all the lovely candy.  Choose the ones you want and maybe think about stocking up just in case the trip was harder than normal.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Individually Quick Frozen” Is Food Packaging at Its Best

Considered one of the top methods for food preservation and extremely effective at conserving product nutritional value. Individually Quick Frozen or IQF is a great example of a common method used in food packaging. This form of food packaging helps prevent large ice crystal build up within the product itself. Allowing for the product to have longer shelf life and minimal nutritional lose.


When utilizing this method every piece of product is frozen individually by very small ice crystals. This is done extremely fast and avoids damaging the products nutrients. Other methods of freezing are much slower, producing larger ice crystals in the process which can be a bad thing for the product.

Slow freezing and large ice crystals will typically result in dry or damaged food. IQF's tiny crystals however will not because the process used to freeze every individual product piece is ultra fast. Capable of blast freezing large amounts in very little time making for a higher quality of product selection for the consumer.


Other methods like canning or pickling are available for food packaging as well along with a few others. Freezing however is one of the more common practices and it can be used for any type of food productpackaging. Older methods of freeze preservation or packaging in general for that matter risk the products quality. Possibly altering flavor and/or texture more so than not.

With IQF you can also assure such things as berries and corn don't clump up or smush together during preservation. The products interior cellular structure will not be altered much, if at all penetrated by the ice crystals. Leaving the food frozen but not in the solid ice kind of a way, only the outer layer will be affected.


Ideally you can use IQF on any type of foods you desire. Different meats and seafood can benefit from IQF as much as French fries, peas, etc. Technology has helped improve so much in life and continues to awe us daily with its amazing capabilities. Food packaging will not be left out of the mix and offering methods such as IQF proves it.

Nobody likes unpackaging bad food or the smell it can bring along with it. Even if it isn't spoiled, we still expect quality for our hard earned money. Older methods while effective leave to much room for the possibility of spoilage or loss of nutrition. In other words, you'll be risking the taste of grandma's famous pie recipe using anything but fresh product.

Back in her time food was handled with much more love and attention which in turn resulted in fresher options to pick from. Times are much faster now, and the population has grown tremendously since that time. Demand has outweighed supply allowing way for newer much more efficient means of packaging. And IQF looks to be leading the way when it comes to high quality and efficient food packaging methods.

The equipment used for the IQF process is specialized and not widely available as of yet. There are only a handful of manufacturers who currently deal in IQF machinery and supplies available to assist you. If IQF packaging is an interest of yours reaching out to a certified professional in the food packaging industry should definitely be your first step.




Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The biggest issues Solved by Poly Mailers

You’ve probably wondered what the benefits of poly mailers are. There are a lot, and some people don’t realize that they are super beneficial, especially for returning items that don’t fit, or that you want to refund or exchange. Here, we’ll go over some of the benefits of poly mailers, and how they solve a lot of customer issues. 


There are products that are returned because of expectations. Ecommerce returns see a lot more because well, buyers aren’t able to sample the materials until they’re received by shipment. Some may have expected that they’re getting something when it’s another thing, and well, that’s something that a lot of people don’t take into account when choosing the right sorts of poly mailers to use. 

Product Defections 

This can happen to anything. It may be an error in manufacturing or even shipping, and this does happen. This can be frustrating for many people since oftentimes it requires the product to be shipped back. Having returnable poly mailers solves that issue because it just lets them ship it back, with postage paid for. 

Wrong Shipping Happens 

There are warehouse workers who are in charge of making sure that the products are sent out correctly. But sometimes they don’t get properly screened, and then the wrong products are shipped out. Having returnable ply mailers lets you rectify that confusion quite quickly and effectively, which helps to also reduce the confusion that does happen as a result of this and makes it easier for everyone. 

Frequently Returned Items 

For some types of products, they get returned a lot more than they expected. Clothing and apparel see this a lot, with customers trying on items before they decide to keep them. This can be annoying but companies that plan ahead for this will save a lot of money. 

How they do this, is they add a return mailer to the product itself and include it with every sort of order they get from their customers. When customers try this on, they can then choose whether or not it’s right for them, and then ship back anything that they don’t want with minimal hassle. You can do this as well with what’s called expandable poly mailers, which are envelopes that contain bottoms that are gusseted so that they can ship back items that are bulkier, including pants and big sweaters. 

This is a great way to help make the return process either so that customers are fully satisfied with everything that they purchase and return. This is a good way to help the process become better and easier for everyone. This also lets them put it back and lets them seal it without having to get anything wrong. These mailers have their own little return seals that they can put on there, and it lets customers actually put them on there whenever they need it. 

This saves everyone money and time. Instead of having your customers wait to return the packaging, you just let them print the label, put it on the mailer, and then send it back so that you cha have the exchange done fully. It’s quite easy to start with, and the results of this are something that’ll be better than ever and something that’ll help you get the most that you can out of your mailing situation. It’ll help as well build customer morale as well since it shows that you not only care about the customers that you’re willing to give them this, but you also care about them and make the return process easy.